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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.-

Let The Trinity Group turn your mood into Springtime! We are once again having a Spring Fashion Show! Our hosts will be Northern Reflections AND Alia N TanJay. Come out and join us on Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $10.00 and there will be coffee, tea, refreshmen

ts AND door prizes. For tickets and information, contact Monica or Yvonne or other members during coffee hour. The colours and fashions of Spring will delight you!

Trinity Group is a group of women from St. John’s church who enjoy coming together to raise funds to support different agencies around the world. Globally, over the past few years the Trinity Group have supported Fr. John Freeman in Africa and have been able to send funds to support his 4 children though high school. This past year we have elected to support some agencies in the Canadian North. We are looking into providing money to a breakfast program as well as supporting youth and children’s programs.

Also we will be sending money to St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit. In our own community we continue to send funds to FaithWorks, Youth for Christ, Community Care and support our own Christmas baskets and turkey program.
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 @ 10 am -vThe Trinity Group will be holding our first meeting after the summer in the lower Parish Hall. We will be having two guest speakers from the Hospice organization to provide interesting information regarding hospice care. We invite everyone and anyone who may be interested in attending this information session. They will be arriving around 11:00 a.m., but you are invited any time beforehand for coffee and refreshments - More about Trinity Group here »
Our group has shared a successful year of fellowship, prayer, education, and good works to raise funds for mission work from our church family.

Our newest venture was a 3-day pie-baking marathon at the church. It was great fun as we experimented with hours of gravy making, pastry making, trips to the store by our gofer and endless trips up and down the stairs to employ both ovens. This resulted in 230 delicious pies. We had such fun that we are contemplating doing it again in November with tortieres in time for Christmas.

Our next venture was a spring fashion show sponsored by Monica Rose Fashions. It was a sell-out. Participants enjoyed all the fashions, homemade goodies and fellowship. What a great way to promote our church to residents of Port Hope.

Following shortly after was a successful plant sale. It's a lot of work digging, potting, and transporting the plants but it seems worth is as we help new gardeners and support experienced ones.

The next week we sponsored Faithworks Sunday. We arranged the speaker from the Mzuzu Foundation and provided lunch. We raised nearly $600 for Faithworks.

Our work has raised $2,500 in support of St. Jude's Cathedral, Igalut, Nunavut; designated ministries of "Nurturing Northern Ministries," and National Youth Ministries" within the Anglican Church Appeal through the Council of the North; the Mzuzu Foundation sponsored by St. Peter's Cobourg; and our own home-grown missionaries: Father Stanley and Alexandra Foley.

We truly enjoy the fellowship aspect and thank God for the opportunity to serve in this way. We have two new members this year but would love more.


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We are a Christian community dedicated knowing God's love in our lives through worship, learning, and caring for others.



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